Proper Maintenance Of A Home Air Conditioner Is Important To Save Money

How to maintain an air conditioning system.

I am an a financial adviser by trade. This is the story… Every few years I go to Ghana to help the poor. We go with medicine kits and take some food with us as well. We also take condoms with us as well, there’s a lot of people with aids unfortunately.  What I have discovered the first time I visited this country was the lack of education. As they say “give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, teach him how to fish and he feeds himself for life” Now in Ghana there’s a lot of humid and we have built a small clinic for them, and installed an A/C system from Renergy LTD. so they have better comfort. What happened was that when I went back 3 years later, they had no idea how to do maintenance to the a/c so the air condition stopped working. I decided to learn how to do maintenance on this thing. And in the next few paragraphs you can read a step by step guide of what I learned.

Proper maintenance of a home air conditioner is important to save money. This is critical if you want to spend as little of your paycheck as possible to keep your home cooled with fresh air. Even if your air conditioner seems to be running just fine, it is a good idea to have it inspected twice a year. The first time should be in the spring before you really need it running so that preventative maintenance can be done. The second time is in the late fall when you are done running it to detect any problems that might have come up over the warm season. In both cases, either the technician, or you if you are doing it yourself, should make sure parts are cleaned and applicable fluid levels are topped off and not leaking.

Appropriate maintenance for a home air conditioning unit saves you money in more than one way. For starters, it keeps the unit running longer in terms of lifespan, sparing you the expense of having a new one installed. Secondly, routine maintenance minimizes the chances of needing surprise or sudden repairs, which usually prove more costly than routine maintenance. Thirdly, keeping your air conditioning unit running at peak efficiency keeps your utility bill lower than it could be.

Sometimes, routine and proper maintenance not only keep your unit running as well as ever, but even better than ever. The level of quality and technology that air conditioners have over ones from ten years ago is rather dramatic, but sometimes these individual upgrades can actually be retroactively applied to older units by the right technicians. You can possibly get your air conditioner to be more cost-efficient than it was originally designed for!

Of course even with regular care and attention, any air conditioner is eventually going to go. A lifespan of 15 years is considered a good run for any individual unit. If your potential repair or maintenance estimate is more than half the value of a new machine, consider going for a new one, since the increases in efficiency can help it pay for itself. Still, don’t assume that a new machine is so great that you can skip the regular maintenance on it.

If your current machine is more than ten years old, give it as much maintenance as you can to get every last blast of cold air it can give you.