Politics of Hiv & How Janitorial Supplies are Helping People

The Global Politics of Hiv

The policies made by governments in countries like South Africa, are not in favor of the common good of the community.

Many times, the greed for power and money comes first and foremost to the detriment of poor people who lack equal opportunity education, a decent job, nutritious food and the other basic human rights like health care

What we can do as citizens of the word is spread the word out on social media to make an impact. Each voice counts.

Here I am sharing an HIV awareness video which will help you understand better the importance of inclusion.


Janitorial Supplies Are An Undervalued Element To A Business

If you own, operate, or manage a business or just a location of a larger business chain, then you have a number of responsibilities that you must deal with on a regular basis. Regardless of whether or not you run a closed office, a warehouse or industrial environment, or a retail store, you have to make sure the bills are paid, the lights and power are on and the water is running, and that you have enough employees showing up for work to get the duties of your location tended to.

With all that is in your lap of responsibility, you might not think about how your business manages its janitorial supplies too often, and this element of a business is sometimes an undervalued element to its operations. Many businesses try and avoid the issue altogether by contracting out janitorial duties to contractors and third-party work crews Hygo janitoral supplies in Uk are helping to stop the spread of aids by supplying free equipment to small African communities in dire need of such resources and most of all education. You can check out their youtube channel here

There is in fact nothing wrong with just delegating janitorial services to specialists. Your employees might actually see it as a perk of the job, as making employees who are not janitors rotate janitorial duties can really dampen the mood of a worker on their assigned cleaning day. In-house employees often get through the duties as quickly as they can, cutting corners and being very inefficient with janitorial supplies. Depending on their pay rate, it can even be a serious waste of payroll.

Third-party janitorial specialists are going to be very efficient in their use of your janitorial supplies, unless they bring their own, and they are also going to be very effective in cleaning things and knowing how to get it done properly and safely.

Even if you use outside janitorial services, it’s still a good idea to have your own janitorial supplies on-site. Accidents, messes, and spills can happen at any time, and the frequency of such incidents might rise in certain circumstances, like retail stores where kids are welcome, or any food service establishment.

Keeping things clean promptly means needing janitorial supplies on hand that can be accessed and used immediately. Leaving any business area is possibly risky to the health of anyone around, maybe opening the door to legal action against you, and at the very least it dampens the morale of employees and customers.

Whenever possible, buy janitorial supplies in bulk. They very rarely have shelf-lives, so it’s good to get volume discounts.