If you are like me, I really want to see an aids free world.

What about the misconceptions and hidden political agendas. In south africa the

We really have to fight and provide protection against sexually transmitted disease. In fact none of the governments in third world countries have the budget and money to allocate for this.

Some information about aids that I found on youtube


If you would like to learn more about how to prevent aids and HIV, its effects and how to live with it, click here

There are various types, H1 and H2 the most common. H2 is spreading in South Africa. In 2015 there were about 7 million infected people over there. A lot considering the efforts these humanitarian aid are making.

A video from al Jazeera speaking about how women can be protected

When we went to Ghana, what has impacted us the most was the lack of education they had. I work in finance, but decide to learn how to repair an a/c.

Teaching them how to repair the clinic’s A/C was definitely more valuable then teaching them how to invest their money, because they do not have any! BUT they are very happy with what they have.